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I fished LBJ again this past Sunday. The weather was nice - light wind blowing out of the north that shifted to the south east by mid-morning. I was on the lake at daybreak, but I couldn't get a topwater bite. I checked out the backs of coves, and there were no bass on the beds. The water temperature was about 67 - 69 degrees. I noticed a few bass chasing small shad, so I put on my tried and true chrome and black rattle-trap, which is my fish-finder on LBJ. I managed to catch a few small bass, but nothing to brag about. As the sun came up, and the wind shifted the bite picked up. I managed to catch a dozen small bass (all 1lb or less) by 2:00, when I decided to call it quits. I got a few short-strikes on a red sinko worm, but I think they were juvenile bass or perch, because I couldn't get a hook set. I think they were nibbling on the tail, and not inhaling the worm like a larger bass would.

I believe that the big bass are finished spawning, and are resting while the young sexually immature bass are active. I did manage to snag a small shad with my rattle-trap, so I found a lure that 'matched the hatch'. I used a shad-colored Lucky Craft that would dive to about 5-6 feet, and worked across the granite blocks and ridges that were submerged in 2-4 ft of water at the ends of main-lake points. This is how I caught most of the fish. I managed to discover a couple of new fishing spots, and a couple more to avoid -- so it was not a bad day after all. I think the fishing will continue to improve as the weeks go by, especially if we keep having this warm weather.

I will continue to work the shorelines in the mornings, and the secondary points and structure during the heat of the day. I know from my notes taken last year where the fish should be starting in May. You can bet that I will be there too.

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