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I'm almost ready; just a few final things to do. I'll be leaving at about 3:00am tomorrow, heading toward Aransas Pass to try and catch some redfish. I'll pick up Jim at around 3:30, then we should arrive at about 6:00. I'm taking my boat -- I'll admit that I am a little nervous. This will be my first time taking my bass boat to the coast. We are going to fish Estes Flats. I plan to take the boat around the flats to Hogg Island hole, and maybe California hole. Since the tide will be peaking at about the time we get there, we will be fishing a falling tide all day long. This is not ideal, but my plan is to get my boat up into one of those holes where a creek channel empties from the flats. I'm guessing that the redfish will be coming off of the flats, and waiting in the deeper holes for the bait to swim out with the tide. We might try to pole around the grass flats early, then work our way back out to the deeper water.

I have my video camera, and digital camera ready -- I hope I have some good pictures to post when we get back.

I cleaned out my boat in preparation, removing anything that is unnecessary to try to lighten things up so we draft as little water as possible. I converted my anchor box into a fish box by installing a drain that goes into my bilge, and insulating all around where the plastic anchor box sits. Its not perfect, but it should hold ice for several hours. I also organized my rod box, and installed some brackets that will help keep my stuff from rolling around and spooking the fish.

I've been studying a satellite image of the area we will be fishing, and coordinating that with my GPS and Hot-Spots map. I have a good plan of attack, that I think will pay off well.

Jim bought us a push-pole, so I plan to kill the motor and trim it up as we get close to the fishing spots, then use the push-pole to get us the rest of the way in. Instead of using the anchor, I will use the push-pole, by pushing it down into the mud, then tying off the boat to the pole. I think this will be less damaging to the sensitive grassy bottoms than dragging an anchor across.

I also signed up for a CCA Membership, and enrolled in the Star Tournament. Who knows, maybe I will catch a tagged redfish, and drive away with a new truck and boat!

I'll let you know how it goes.

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